Friday, July 17, 2015


I don’t know how to answer the question, “what is it about?” with regard to films and books, without having to tell the whole story. Stories are multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. There is a lot to learn from stories, and if a story was truly about one thing, then it would cease to be a story. But perhaps sometimes, I’d give a general answer; like I would say that the Bible is a story about redeeming grace and the God’s salvation of mankind.However, you would miss out on important stories there in if I did not tell you some stories within the big story. Like I would have to tell the story of creation for you to understand why salvation is necessary. And I would have to tell you the stories of men in the Bible, for you to understand the concept of grace, I would have to tell you the story of Jesus and link it to many other stories in the Bible, then perhaps I would have partly answered the question, “What is it about?”

The same thing applies to life. I’m a strong believer in the fact that life plays out like a story: a written story for that matter. There is a reason God had to avail His Word to us in the form of written words and not a video for instance. There is a way that written words activate your brain to decipher a message uniquely from person to person. God must have wanted us to have a personal experience in reading His word. So, by asking, “what is it about?” we miss out on the personal experience, and interpretation of what we would have read. This morning I read a status that was discouraging the complete reliance in devotionals for Bible study; and I found a lot of truth in what the writer was saying. If we rely entirely on another person’s interpretation then we miss out on relating to something in a personal aspect; then applying a concept to our own lives becomes difficult.

I encourage us all to pursue knowledge, to have a thirst for stories and to find our place in those stories. Then, probably, we could come together and give our different perspectives and experiences with the same story. 


  1. Nice piece, especially that partof us reading the Bible directly and trusting that God will give us by His Spirit our own "devotional". Well done Ms.Emma.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Chris Amulo! For His glory.

  3. I now know what it is about.Its well put.