Saturday, April 11, 2015


Be careful when your mouth is eager to speak foul about others,
It is likely that your heart flows with foul stuff.
Be careful about people, who tell you bad things about other people,
It is more likely that they are telling other people worse things about you.
Be careful when you hasten to listen to bad talk about someone,
When your ears are excited by gossip,
When they ache at the lack of it,
Ears are a door to the soul.
Be careful when you call someone ‘friend’
When you open up to someone,
Some people are just curious,
and friends carry with them a part of us.
Be careful when your friends gossip,
It is more likely that you also gossip. Birds of a feather is not a cliché phrase.
Be careful when you sit to speak out your ill thoughts,
When you only think once before you speak.
Be careful when your thoughts about other people are always negative ,
It could be that inside, you are struggling with insecurity.
Be careful when your sign language can assist you to talk about others.
There's a more intricate thought process put to it.
Be careful when you are courageous enough to whisper into someone’s ear about someone else in close proximity,
Whispers are sentimental utterances of our hearts.
Be even more careful when you read this and you put up a defence,
Give up the denial and take steps towards being careful.

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