Thursday, March 12, 2015


Tell me you love me before I die,
Write me a good story on your blog,
Serenade me with your guitar,
Write to me letters saying you miss me,
Look at my eyes and tell me that I am beautiful,
That you love the colour of my iris,
Before I die, tell me you love how I laugh,
Tell me that my smile melts your heart.

Tell me you admire how ambitious I am,
Write a long post on Facebook about me,
Write it when I can still read it; tweet my name,
Call my phone to see if I will pick up,
Because if I die, that is what you will do,
You will call my number,
If only to hear my voice for the last time.
Tell me my voice gives you energy for the day.

Tell me that no one can replace me in the world,
Write my name on a T-shirt and wear it,
Wear it when I can still see and touch it,
Come to my home and visit me,
Tell my parents how amazing I am,
Tell them that they did a good job raising me,
Before I die, get a bus full of people to come give thanks with me,
Tell the crowd that my sense of humour lights up your day.

Tell me that my habits irritate you,
Write me an email about salvation,
Ask me to get born again because you don’t want to miss me in heaven,
Remind me that with long life will I be satisfied by our Maker,
Invite me over to your church,
Watch me become wiser by the day,
Encourage me to give my testimony,
Tell me that you love the person I have become.

Tell me to tell you my hearts desires,
Write my name on a card and send it through a friend,
Buy a few roses and watch me close my eyes as I smell them,
Listen as I say that I do not love my career,
So that when I die, you won’t have to say how I adored my job,
Listen as I say that my greatest desire is become a missionary,
Before I die, join me as I go to China to preach,
Tell me that my passion for God’s work motivates you.

Tell me that my thoughts are deep,
Write one of my quotes as your Whatsapp status,
Put my photo as your profile picture as well,
Come home early and let us have dinner as a family,
Tell your colleagues that you want to grow to a ripe age with me,
Meet up with me today,
Before I die, meet me over coffee to discuss that matter about starting a family business,
Tell me that it is always refreshing when we have our monthly dates.

Tell me you love me before I die,
Write me a poem every morning and every night,
Sing to me a love song over the phone,
Make a prayer with me as you go on,
Before I die, ask me out on a date,
Buy a ring; Tell me that you think my brain is beautiful,
Give me non-cliché petnames like lioness,
Tell me that it would be lovely to have me in your pride.


  1. Great writing as always...Indeed a great read, I enjoyed.
    "Listen as I say that I do not love my career,
    So that when I die, you won’t have to say how I adored my job..."
    Reminds me of a mantra I picked from my dad," Give me my flowers while I am alive".Basically learning to appreciate and celebrate people in their lifetime instead of uttering platitudes and empty niceties at their grave.

    1. Indeed we should value people for who they are and not what we want to tell the world about them when they die. Thanks for dropping by Kamata.:-)

    2. Your blessed. Thanks for helping me to put a smile to someone

    3. Thank you Isaac; all for God's glory! I am glad you did.

  2. You are welcome Emma...always a pleasure...still waiting for "... ,?!;..." :p

    1. part two or? I need inspiration for that.

    2. Not necessarily... I recall sometime back a girl was writing a story about some punctuation guy...kujishuku ndio zilikuwa zake...

    3. Haha...well, short stories are made of that.

  3. What a wonderful piece! and what will you do before he dies? :-)

    1. Thanks Dorothy. This piece is largely from a female perspective but definitely caters for the man too. So, I will tell him that I love him before he dies. I hope that through this piece, you have been encouraged to share your love, your kind message and actions with people already present in your life. :-)

  4. this is so lovely Emma, terribly enjoyed it, and with each subsequent paragraph i was more drawn to the common thread of appreciating those you love NOW and being appreciated now as well

  5. Am in love with this piece. Impressive. How do I contact you.

    1. Thanks for reading Akosua. You can email me at

  6. Hmm this is wonderful, how do u maintain a good flow of the words?

    1. I also can't tell. I guess it's just a gift.

  7. Beautiful piece. i like it...please nurture this talent. And be a missionary :)

  8. This touched my soul.
    May i endeavor to tell those that i love that i do.
    Thanks Emma.