Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Have you ever thought about something so much until you started wondering why you are thinking about it in the first place?  I have been thinking about seeds. Just how powerful can seeds get? My thoughts on seeds bore fruit (pun not intended) and I learnt immense lessons from them:

A seed is non-conformist
Life generally follows a causal-effect pattern. We have preconditioned thoughts of what is likely to happen after we do something. In the morning we wake up, go to work, come back in the evening tired and sleep, then at a certain end period ranging from a week to a few months we expect a salary. Seeds do not follow this pattern. Seeds do not conform. In the people world, we call them non-conformists. I imagine them as the non-mediocre characters in the plant world who dare to rise above mediocrity. When we bury something, we do so because it is either dead or harmful to the environment. Even when something is buried alive, we expect it to die and eventually rot. When you bury seeds, they first take the normal path and seem to rot, however, something miraculous happens and they spring to life and grow. 

A seed produces more seeds
Germination is not the most spectacular thing about the seed. What amazes me is that seeds grow into plants
which yield fruits to produce many more seeds. The result of burying the seed does not mark its end. It marks the birth of many more seeds. When we are told to have faith the size of a mustard seed, it simply means that not even the size of the seed can signify how much potential it carries.

A seed has to grow, no matter where it is.
When I was much younger, there was a myth going round that if you swallowed seeds they would grow into a tree inside the stomach. I ate my fruits carefully and every time I had to eat passion fruits, I would make a silent prayer for a passion fruit not to grow inside my stomach. Much later, I came to learn that the digestive enzymes in my stomach had the ability to destroy the seeds and sometimes, I acted as a dispersal agent for those that could not be destroyed by the enzymes.Unless it is destroyed, a seed has to grow.
This story reminds me of Joseph when he was thrown into a dry cistern and later sold to the Midianites to become a slave in Egypt. When he was a slave in Potiphar’s house he quickly rose to became his personal attendant. Even after going to prison, Joseph continued to stand out. There was something within him, that ensured that he had to grow. He was a seed. The same is repeated in many instances in the Bible. Look at Daniel after he was thrown into the lion’s Den, or Isaac when he was told to move to the valley of Gerar by Abimelech. Surely, these people lived the Psalm 1 kind of life: In all that the blessed man does,he prospers.
We are all seeds. Bloom where you are planted
One of the most profound things that I have learnt is that I am a seed.  Each of us carries so much potential within us. You see, no matter where you throw seeds, most times unless they succumb to harsh environmental conditions of a place, they will grow. In primary school we did this experiment and put seeds in a bottle and left them to grow in a dark cupboard. The observation later was that the shoot germinated towards the direction of the some light that was coming in through a crevice in the cupboard. Somehow, the shoot had to find a way to survive and make food and it had to grow towards the light.
No matter where we are planted, even if we are buried, we have to grow because we are seeds. When we grow, we must seek to follow the light, we must bloom where we are planted. Join me as we blossom where we are planted.  
On to more thinking and more discoveries!


  1. Awesome.I am a seed,in me is amazing potential.In the soil,they cannot tell what is happening but i know i will soon emerge.Inspired:-)My dreams are valid.

    1. Indeed Patricia. I love that...'in me is amazing potential.'

  2. Great lessons....n challenge too. Reminds me of Jesus ' words " unless the grain of wheat falls to the ground...."
    Seeds seemingly die before growing.A call to continually die to self...

  3. Let's join together.
    We are a seed out there, amust growth.

  4. i love it ...you are a talented writer i tell you...