Monday, December 29, 2014


As 2015 draws nearer, I am filled with hope,
I hope that we won't post photos on instagram to get validation regarding our looks from people,
Instead, we will look at the word which is like a mirror and see the image of God.
I hope we won't be first to tweet about the latest gossip in town,
Instead,  our feet will be quickened to spread the Gospel of peace, joy and love.
I hope that our hands won't be too quick to write a long post full of false stories.
Stories that tell tales of lies of things we are doing,
I hope that the validation of our truth will be in the truth himself; 
that we will be pleased to be where he has placed us to bloom.
I hope that we will have more personal conversations that work at building the world,
And less social media insults aimed at stabbing a strangers we might never meet..
I hope that our online connections will not decrease our talking distance and increase our communication distance.
I hope that when I look at the photos on Instagram, the tweets, the Facebook posts, the emails and my linked in connections,
My heart will beat in the same rhythm as that of many across the universe,
And when I look at the world map on our sitting room wall,
I will tell my small brother that it may be true that one day, all the continents were  one,
And today, the power of social media has made the universe a village. Not even the continental drift can separate us.