Friday, November 21, 2014


He’ll be fetching cooking water on my wedding day.

He is a good man, a nice man.

He is strong, careful, patient and loving.

He does not drop things.

He could not drop the bombshell of what he felt for me.

That is why he makes a perfect water carrier,

Because you see, he will never drop the jerrican.

He will pass by the house,

And we will exchange pleasantries,

Like we always did,

He will say,

“You and I are like a rivet, we hold things together in place”

He is witty,

And funny.

But too soft, too careful.

He makes a perfect water carrier.

I am not happy that he’ll be carrying water,

Coz you see,

I  always imagined that the water he now carries,

Would be used to cook on his wedding day,

In my dreams, he was never the water carrier.

But they told me the clock is ticking,

I hear women have a special one that’s biological.

So I had to choose a water carrier

And distinguish him from the man on my side.

I can still hear grandmother’s question lingering in my mind,

“Why is your husband to be fetching water?”

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