Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I have an eye problem. My right eye is myopic and my left is what you probably would call perfect. I once used to wear spectacles and you can imagine the difference in having a lens in the right eye and none in the left. I used to fancy people who had spects and braces when I was younger. I thought they looked smart, geeky and what academicians should look like. I often would take their spects and check to see how strong their lens was and the thicker the lens, the smarter I assumed them to be. It must have been something I picked up from stories of great scientists and a theory I had heard that smart people usually have a defect and more often, it’s with their eyes. What I didn’t know then was that I wanted to see the world the way they saw it when I would wear their spects. However, to my disappointment all I could see was blurry imperfect images because my sight was not like theirs. I could never see the world from their eyes.
Many of us today are like that little naive girl I was. We want to see the world from other people’s eyes; only that this time it is not about sight it is about vision. We want to have the same ideals as most people do, yet each of us is uniquely made to fulfill a unique purpose. We spend so much time looking through other people’s lenses and we fail to recognize how beautiful it is to see the world through our own eyes. I came up with my own hypothesis; that the world looks different in every person’s eyes. This is because I somehow believe that no one has the same exact magnification of eyesight and an image converges differently in every person’s retina. This is subject to confirmation by all ophthalmologists and future eye experts reading this.
Mistakes are progressively made when we diverge from our unique path and conform to what is ordinary and probably thought to be ‘right’. Status quo sometimes dictates how an ordinary person should live their life: Go through school, get a degree, a masters nowadays has almost become second nature, get  a well paying job, a good wife/husband, a good car and a good house, have beautiful children and die at a ripe age. Once these ideals have been fulfilled then we have made it. In fact, I once  read that an ideal human being can speak seven languages, play a few musical instruments, change a car engine, build tree house, build a REAL house, swim 10km in the ocean, kill a lion, fish and catch enough to feed a family of 10.

What if your path was set out to be different? What if you were born in Samburu and you were one of the girls chosen to be herds girl and not to go to school?  What if you had the best grades in your class and set out to do a course that is not done by people who get the best grades? And what if you were called to singlehood? To be a missionary in the underground church in China? And what happens to you if you are not able to get children? Children are a GIFT from God after all. 

I do not have a step by step analysis of how to know your purpose but I can assure you that in the path of purpose, you have to realize that you are different. You are peculiar. I think of the boldness that Moses had when he quit living like a prince in the house of Pharaoh and chose to rescue the children of Israel. He must have realized that he was not an Egyptian despite living in the house of the highest ruler in Egypt. You are set apart beloved. You have a unique purpose set out for you. If you are going to change anything, if you are going to set out to do something, do it because in your eyes it is a perfect and complete picture.  I like what Myles Munroe says in his book, 'Understanding the Purpose and power of men,' To discover the purpose of something, never ask the creation; ask the creator.

Know your brand, you are peculiar, you are set apart, you are different.