Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I am sitting on beam. It looks like those beams used in framing during construction. It is old and you can peel parts of the former tree’s bark from it. I am giggling with my feet suspended mid way in the air. I move them to the front and to the back; the left foot and the right one alternatively. I hold firmly to the beam and at the same time with ease as if assured that I cannot fall. The cow is grazing within the perimeter fence made by this beam and several others. My kinky hair is made up into shaggy matuta(three strand hair twists). I am over dressed in two pullovers and a jacket because of the cold weather in Nyeri. I can’t wait to go back so that we can make fake shoe polish with my friends. The rainy season is here and I miss making a kirinda(skirt made from grass). I am eight. Bubbly, ambitious and full of life. I want to become a lawyer when I grow up. Mum told me lawyers are good people and I love the ones I see on the t.v legal series that shows on Thursdays.

I am a young twenty something year old young woman. In fact, I am turning twenty something tomorrow. I am seated typing away in the dead of the night. I recall the white paper at the corner of my desk when I was thirteen. ‘Barrister lawyer, advocate lawyer, Mathematician and Writer’ are inscribed on it. I am more of the last two. I still wonder how Markov chains or Neymann Pearson’s theory are related to law. I recall the many hours spent in the high school library reading through hard covered and numerous-paged psychology books. I am grateful to God for each choice I have made over the years.

The year ended has been one of the most eventful years of my life. I have come to know that:
1.      It  is never too early to start anything. Making fake shoe polish from old burnt newspapers taught me this. You can start seating in top company boardrooms at twenty.
2.      The career path you choose to take in life matters, it moulds your being. You gradually start reasoning out events in life in line with your career. However, do not limit yourself to class knowledge, most of the times, you hardly get to practice what you learnt in class.
3.      What the world needs is what you have always wanted to do. If you want to do something, stop wanting; do it. I always wanted to start this blog. When you start doing what you always wanted to do, the universe conspires to make it work. Here is the thing, purpose always has to be fulfilled. Once you are in line with your purpose then God predisposes everything you need to make it happen.
4.      Sometimes you win, other times you loose but each time, it’s a success.
 I am involved in an organization called Enactus where social entrepreneurs come up with community projects that are based on people, planet and profits. After spending a lot of time preparing for competitions, we lost. Losing opens your mind to opportunities and needs and success is the ability to create solutions.
5.      Learn to love yourself; you are complete.
To be able to love others, love yourself then, love others as you love yourself. When you recognize God’s love for us; a love that is so real that through death He gave us life; then you know that you are perfect and complete. I can now confidently walk into a restaurant and have a meal alone. I enjoy my own company.
6.      Listen attentively, talk elaborately, apologize quickly and forgive quickly.
Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. Be at peace with everyone; they all have their story. If you err, be quick to apologize and forgive in love; love covers a multitude of sins.
7.      Life is good.
        There are many good things about life, each of us uniquely here to contribute something to the universe. Your reality could be someone else’s impossibility. There is too much beauty to ignore, too many solutions to create,too many mountains to conquer and to much joy to allow the presence of anger. There is too little time to worry and to be sad. Learn to discern the seasons in life. You are limitless, come to the edge.

         I am here because God saw it fit to have me here at this particular time and each choice I made brought me here. It’s been an amazing year, I can only wait for the next to unfold. God is in this sail, the ocean is limitless and I am happy. That’s all that counts.

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  1. Hi Emma,
    Nice post there. I was reading the 7 lessons with a friend. He's really marveled and inspired by them. Well, me too. But I have to admit, it is not easy getting 'there' but then your seven lessons have an assurance at each level. Do what you love the best way you can. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday!!!!