Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I said no.
I said no because He did not say yes.
He did not approve of what you felt.
Not to feign that it was not legitimate,
it might have been, but maybe you directed it to the wrong recipient.
I would have loved to say yes you see.
I would have done so much to give you my heart's key,
Its every girl's dream.
At least every girl in my team.
Every girl loves to go out on a date,
The feeling that for once we can get away with being late,
That a man would be so willing to wait,
Like a fisherman who just set his bait.

But I said no.
I denied myself of the little life pleasures that come and go,
Not that my heart is under renovation,
No, its not even under construction.
But it is not for let.
He said I cannot give it out yet,
You see, there's someone coming to stay permanently,
He said that he has been waiting patiently.
I wouldn't want to rent it out,
then in a short while start to doubt,
start to doubt when the owner comes,
No, I wouldn't want you to do half month rent sums.

So I am saying no,
saying no to all 'would have beens'
sparing my man of ' I dont want to come in betweens'
I am saying no to friendzoning,
I wont call you just a friend yet we are dating.
I wont write poems with you because my 'the one' should be a writer,
No, I wont come close to anything I will regret later.
So I am saying no.
No to long calls in the wees of the night,
No to the text messages full of flattery and flirting just in a note light.

I am saying no because I am guarding my heart,
He has taught me this art,
He even gave me the full armour,
Its something that gives me honour.
I am saying no to emotional entanglements,
No to false sentiments.
My man is coming soon,
he said he'll be here before noon.
I'm sorry I've got to go,
I've got to say no.

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